Extract from article by Kate Hopper in Sewing World June 2008:

How did you become interested in embroidery?
I had my school days to thank for introducing me to the world of stitch. In the 1950s, my junior school encouraged hand stitching. Secondary school continued this interest, with the traditional embroidery on the cookery apron and an embroidered piece for "O" level. This love of stitch gave me a career choice. So off I went to teacher training college to become an home economics teacher with "stitching" as my second subject. Throughout my teaching career I continued with both subjects and my main interest then was with my local patchwork and quilting group. As the offspring flew the nest I found that I had more time to give to my creative thirst, so I decided to do City And Guilds embroidery part 1. This course gave me the design boost and the opportunity to dabble and experiment with many techniques.

Inspiration. Texture and colour found in rock structure have been a fascination on my travels, including the effects of the elements and the passage of time. Recent work has included looking at the many buried rock treasures that are found. Techniques: Acrylic painted nappy-liner (or garden fleece) bonded to synthetic velvet. Then --- manipulate, embellish, distress, quilt, print, stencil and machine stitch.